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Discouraged by Twitter wars and online echo chambers, was founded in 2020 to give students the chance to write about important issues with the nuance they deserve. As a nonpartisan media platform, we provide a space for students across the political spectrum to share their perspectives on current events and learn from the ideas of their peers. was created with the belief that personal and intellectual growth requires an understanding of those who think and live differently from ourselves. That's why we encourage students to engage with opposing views in a respectful and productive way while being open to the notion that they could, indeed, be proven wrong. By expanding our worldviews and replacing argumentation with conversation, we can create a country in which we listen instead of vilify, and ask instead of assume. 

The articles posted here may not go viral as some provocative Tweet, but they serve to facilitate a culture of empathy, curiosity, and thoughtful discussion that we desperately hope finds its way into the rest of our polarized nation. 

Happy reading.